9 Things Indians Need To Learn From The World!


Amrita Garg
I love solving puzzles, coz i'm a mystery myself. I'm an exploring addict cause getting in touch with nature gives me answers, sometimes...okay most of the times!

Be punctual, on time

Being an Indian myself, I understand it’s tough – but not impossible. Moreover, do you realize if you reach a discussion just one minute late, it will equal to 10 minutes wasted if the group consists of 10 members.

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Don’t spit here and there

It’s really disgusting when you see spit pots everywhere on the walls. Just imagine what impression would a visitor get about our country!

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Unity in diversity

Our country has diversity in every field and on the basis of this, we are creating differences between us only. By doing this, who’s at loss? We, isn’t it?

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Say thank you

Being egoistic all the time doesn’t make sense. When you meet foreigners, they use humble words like sorry and thank you as a matter of routine. In any case, saying thank you will surely bring a smile on your face. Give it a try!

Cleanliness drives

Guys keep Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan in your mind, not in books or banners only. Targets will not be achieved on paper, make sure that you do it from your heart.

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Respect women

Only saying Bharat Mata Ki Jai is not enough. Though it has become an issue nowadays, but respect for a woman should be there in everyone’s heart. You shouldn’t forget that someone another can undoubtedly target your mother and sister too.

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Be responsible, be good

“I alone can’t make a difference.” Don’t give such lame excuses! Blaming can never come with solutions, instead be volunteer! Government is governing many more things, let’s govern ourselves. Become a stepping stone and not a stopping stone!

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Have patience

To have aspirations and speed in life is not at all bad but a road is not the right place for it! Additionally, when you are in a traffic jam blowing of horns will surely be a stupidity. Honking can never get you out of a traffic jam, it would only make matters worse by adding to your irritation.

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Have faith, but not blind one

Being Indians, we are emotional but it shouldn’t allow anyone to come and loot you. Just be aware where are you giving and what are you getting from there.

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