Small Bindi To….? Here’s What Makes An Indian Woman Beautiful!


Indian woman and her beauty is something which has been one of the most talked about things from India since ages. Whether we talk about the glorious time of kings and queens or today’s simple home maker or a working woman, women have always been the epitome of beauty. That “naaz and nakhra” that an Indian woman carries is really sexy and attractive! So, why not talk about some special things that not only make her look beautiful but also add up to her beauty.

Bindi on the forehead

That Red Bindi. Yeah, I know it never went out of trend. Of course it’s the “suhaag ki nishaani”. Jokes apart… but the bindi, whether it’s red or black, big or small, round or oval – nothing matters. Women love to wear it and we love the women wearing it.

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Kajal for the eyes

Eyes…..ah they say everything! But when you apply kajal to them, they become really expressive and beautiful. And those eyes with thick black kajal are just like those drawings that are outlined with black sketch pens. Need we say more?


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The nine yard wear

The sexiest attire for any woman is a saree. The Indian women carry it so perfectly that they really become like that show stopper you just can’t take your eyes off of.


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Accessories in gold and silver

To all this, if you add jewellery like necklaces or anklets or the chain around the waist…well, the result is going to be attractive like nothing else! From traditional to modern, there is a whole lot of types to be selected from – the list can be never ending…



That blush and coyness

Their smile wrapped up in a blush is adorable if you realise it. And this expression of theirs is sometimes a killer for the men out there.

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The working woman’s grace

At home she’s a home maker, with kids she’s a mother, with parents she’s a daughter, with her husband she’s a soulmate and along with all these characters she carries her work so professionally that no one can question. An Indian woman’s inner strength is her beauty that makes her outshine others.

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Amrita Garg
Amrita Garg
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