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Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Indian Weddings!



India is a land of diversity with over 1.2 billion people, where more than 1,500 languages are spoken. With 29 states, you can imagine the number of communities that flourish in India, each having its unique rites and rituals. Today, we are not discussing the statistics of India. Instead, we are going to present some interesting facts about Indian weddings and the customs followed.

Ascetic groom

In one of the strange customs of Indian weddings, Tamil Brahmins the groom enacts asceticism. This is a practice in which the groom suddenly pretends to be disillusioned and wanting to avoid the marriage, he runs from the marriage hall. Later the bride’s father and relatives persuade him to come back and marry.



Wedding by contract

In Tamil Nadu, there is a community named Nagarathar. They follow a strange tradition before marriage in which a ceremonial tying of the mangalsutra or thali is done. Then the father of both bride and groom sign a marriage contract called isaivu padimaana.



Deeper the colour

It’s a ritual in Indian marriages where the bride applies henna on her hands and feet before the wedding. There is an old belief according to which her husband will love her more if the henna colour is deep. Some even say that her mother-in-law will love her a lot and she will have good relations with her.



Veiled groom

In North India, there is a custom in which the groom’s face is hidden behind a floral veil called ‘sehra’ before the wedding. It is believed that the veil protects him from evil eye. The groom lifts the veil only when the marriage ceremony starts.



Groom’s nose and ear

In a pre-wedding ritual in Gujarat, on the wedding day the groom goes at the bride’s house to seek the blessings of his mother-in-law. She then performs a ritual to ward off the evil eye, where she playfully tries to catch his nose reminding him of him responsibility as a son-in-law.

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