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10 Reasons Why Indian Society Is Not Ready For Ki & Ka!

Those who haven’t understood the topic or haven’t seen the film, Ki & Ka is a cool and different concept. In this, a husband takes care of the household while the wife shoulders the responsibility of earning the livelihood. I know for some this is something real weird. Taking the anti view, if couples were to live the Ki & Ka way they would invite problems. What kind of problems? Well, here are some examples if you were to live the Ki & Ka way…

Log Kya Kahenge


Of course “Log kya kahenge” the first red signal to break the conventional barriers. Everybody in the neighbourhood is only interested in your life, nothing else.

India is full of male chauvinists

Image Source
Image Source

Again, our society is full of male chauvinists. Sad it is, yet another harsh truth. Here the man leads and the woman follows, man earns & the woman spends. Woman cooks, but both eat.

And India is full of dependent women

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Image Source

It is not just the men who are at fault all the time. There are many women who are both emotionally and financially dependent on their husbands. And this is not just the case of unskilled illiterate women, but that of highly qualified educated strata of our society as well.

Na Umr Ki Seema Ho..are just lyrics

jagjeet singh

Remember Jagjit Singh’s song, Hothon se chhu lo tum”? The singer says, “na umr ki seema ho, na janmo ka ho bandhan, jab pyar kare koi toh dekhe kewal mann”. Trust me people, all this is poetry and has nothing to do with the real world we live in.

Girls want richer husbands & husbands want poorer wives

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Image Source

Snapping the above line, it means a husband would be deeply hurt if the wife is earning more than him. On the other hand, a girl would definitely look for a guy who earns more. Ironical yet a common practice in our society.

Guys are just not trained for household work

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Image Source

Indian mothers teach their daughters about household work as much as possible. But a boy is never taught to cook, clean or any other household work for that matter.

Anti-Ki & Ka upbringing deeply engrained in our society


Well, talking more about the things parents taught us, they always taught their son to play with cars and girl with a doll. Choices existed but between the different colours of cars only. A son was pressurised to study well because one day he will take care of a family financially. And the girl was trained to take care of the family as an unpaid household worker.

Any financial crisis might initiate hatred for the guy

ki and kas
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There are situations when the man of the family is angry at the woman for no reason. His reason lay in the fact of financial issues. Similarly, when the girl would see her friends getting expensive gifts from their husbands, this might hurt her a lot. All she would think is her husband is nothing but a liability.

The couple have to take a stand

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A gay person, wants society to accept gay people, but he is still ashamed of telling the people the fact that he is gay. Similarly, in a situation like that shown in Ki & Ka, the society will accept you later, first you have to accept yourself. And if what society thinks of you is none of your business, then what society thinks about stuff in general should again be none of your business.

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Devashish Vaid
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