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Indian Woman Researcher Comes Up With Super Condom!


Devashish Vaid
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In times of heightened efforts to save the world from HIV comes the great news of a Super Condom!

Mahua Choudhery and her team of researchers at Texas A&M University have invented hydrogel condom, which could help in the global fight against HIV. The condom is made of an elastic polymer called hydrogel and includes plant-based antioxidants that have anti-HIV properties.



Their aim was to encourage the use of condoms globally. Hence, the team with an Indian American professor came up with this concept.

Super condom will not only help fight AIDS, but will also reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. And if this become successful, it will revolutionize the fight against HIV.

And, that’s not all. Super condom not only protects you from HIV but also heightens sexual pleasure.

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