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Things Indian Parents Don’t Realize About Their Children!

Indian parents are so much in love with their kids that it can easily be labelled as addiction. This attachment causes possessiveness and the desire to control the children even when they are grown up. They wish their kids to be like them not realising that every individual have brain of their own and they have their own desires and aspirations. Khurki lists a few important things that Indian parents don’t realise about their children…..

That they have grown up

You do not realise that your child has grown up and can do things on their own. That even if she is a girl, she can live on her own. And if they ask your permission before taking step ”Do that after you have grown up” in not an answer.

If they have a bf/gf, it doesn’t mean they are spoilt

I have seen friends go out with a person but when asked to approach their parents, they go, “Oh no my parents are going to kill me for this”. Why? I know it’s tough. It can be hard to digest at first. But, why fear when they are the ones who love you? Help them understand why you like someone!

Kids can be a better judge of some things

They might know about something that you do not know. They may make better decisions about some things and they can actually have a point. Just try to understand.

Need for privacy

You do not realise that children grow up and need privacy. They are not your ‘babies’ anymore and if they need some privacy, it does not mean they are hiding something from you.

Love marriages don’t harm your reputation

You need to know that if your child is in love and wants to marry someone, it is not going to harm their reputation in the society. Your reputation builds by your deeds and not who your child marries.

Don’t force them to fulfil your needs

Your little person has a life of his or her own. It drains out their energy when you expect him or her to understand what’s going on in your mind. Best thing you can do is make them feel comfortable and allow them to live their own life.

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You control their freedom

Remember, if you stop your kids from doing something, the more they will want to do it. So stop being particular about small things and don’t treat your kids like slaves.

Your children love you

It does not matter if your children do not call you or talk to you everyday and tell you everything about them, they still love you. There is a generation gap between the two of you which you cannot fill and there are things they will never tell you. But that does not reduce their love for you.

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!


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