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Why Some Men Think Women Are Just An Object For Touching?


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Devashish Vaid
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Objectifying women is what our society has always been known for. Why do some men think women are just an object for touching? It is not a very difficult question to answer. Our society is full of men who simply look at a woman and start dreaming about having sex with her. KHURKI lists out reasons behind this sickness men suffer from and make women suffer through.

Too much sex on mind

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There are two kinds of men, one who are desperate for sex and others who are desperate for sex. All they can think is about getting every other woman in bed.

Blame the TV, movie, advt.

Image Source
Image Source

Get a random deodorant, girls will get attracted to you. Better still, buy yourself a random soap for the same results. Hair oil, cream, lotion, bikes, cars, popcorn – everything is bought to get a woman for obvious reasons and hell yeah half of the things are sold by women only.


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Image Source

Obviously, no parent teaches their boy to be a lust freak. But there are certain mistakes parents are guilty of…what the child is watching on TV or whom is he talking to and what all he is receiving from the environment.


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Image Source

Studies have proved time and again the high level of risks of watching porn and the way it affects the brain of a youth.

Peer Group

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Image Source

Imagine a situation: A young boy sees his friends do something and then brag about it. Well, that makes a young mind believe that this is what is to be done to feel good. And that’s how this sickness spreads.


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Image Source

There’s no doubt about the fact that it’s divine to touch a female body, but without the consent of the woman it’s sheer ugliness. May be not for the guys though, as they obviously feel aroused with that touch.

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