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Things Indian Men Hate About Indian Women, Ladies Special!

Being a woman in a man’s world is not easy. You love them or hate them but you cannot ignore them. They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but the sad part is they both have to co-exist. Recently, I listed out a few things that women, specifically Indian, hate about Indian men. And now the things are upside down, or may be downside up, whatever suits you. I have listed the qualities that Indian men hate about Indian women.

Things Indian Men Hate About Indian Women, Ladies Special!


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Men are dogs they say and then end up bitching all the time themselves. This habit of women is awful and most hated among the men. Bitching about women by women and for women. That is exactly something men would want to stay away from.

Too much of makeup

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No man I know is fond of women with a lot of makeup. That’s the first thing men don’t want from women. And for those who say they do it for themselves, even for your own you gotta improve your standard of choice.

Chu Chain-Chu Chain

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In the words of legendary Honey Singh “Teri Chain Chain Mukdi Nahi” one of rarest time when the infamous rapper made sense for a lot of men. Indian women talk a lot and about anything and everything and that’s something men really don’t appreciate.


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Ahh, you can be a nightmare for a man if you are a possessive women. A girl with insecurities and girl friend cum HR is something no guy would want in his life. So try and keep calm and love your boyfriend.

Wannabe Feminists

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And then there are women who think they are feminists. And all they think of feminism is dominating men. They have a type of superiority complex with inferiority issues. Yeah, trust me they are the most complicated species.

Expecting Favours

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Oh yes, a friend of mine raised this point about women he knows. They simply expect favours from you for the fact that they are women. And that’s when the double standards shows up. And not just men, any human being would hate that kind of behaviour.

Disclaimer: This is obviously not about all the women or men. This just the case of few people and not all.

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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