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Things Indian Drivers Need to Start Doing Immediately!

Firstly, I myself am very much Indian. It’s just that there are some observations made on a regular basis about some habits of my fellow Indian drivers. Indian roads are a roller-coaster and they do not amuse you by any means. There is a clear line of distinction between how people drive in India as compared to people in the developed parts of the world. India is taking strides towards becoming a decisive global power and we must inculcate some serious driving skills.

Follow Lanes


Most of the people would be uncertain if any such thing even existsed in our country. Indian drivers take liberty to the next level when it comes to changing lanes, which is plain ridiculous. It’s high time we follow lanes.

Overtaking only from “right” side


Another common sight on Indian roads is people overtaking vehicles from the wrong side. This is mostly followed by “two-wheeler” vehicles, but other vehicles are also not excluded from the list. We should follow this rule, if we value human life.

Using Rear-view Mirrors


It is both painful and frustrating when the driver ahead of us doesn’t use the rear-view mirrors on his vehicle. Come on fellow driver, they are installed for a reason!

Stop Using Mobile Phones while Driving


Some countries have a very rigid and strict set of rules, when it comes to using mobile phones while driving. India misses out on use of next generation technology on roads, such as radars, cameras and what not. This is a serious threat!

Stop Overloading


Overloading is pervasive on Indian roads. Be it a passenger vehicle or commercial, Indian drivers have a special talent when it comes to overloading the haulage. This should stop immediately, for a more stress-free driving experience.

Stop Honking


Indians are infamous for honking even where they are not needed. This is a bad habit, which is prevalent on epidemic level.

Come on fellow Indians, take control!


Team Khurki
Team Khurki
KHURKI is a character who's sarcastic by birth and has sarcasm running in its veins in place of blood. Its bitter-sour tongue gives it the edge!


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