In Pics Indian Couples Who Desperately Need Room For It!

indian couples

We are a country that is all set to lead the world, in terms of population at least (Procreation Zindabad). And how is that we are growing so rapidly? Just because we have lots of sex and make babies. No complication or second thoughts about it.

But a majority of the population is desperate to get a safe and secure place to have sex. But all you get is public parks, commonly referred to as “Khopcha”. These Indian couples are proof that they need a room to satisfy themselves. And not getting the space makes them invade public space. They might seem funny to us in these odd positions but the mauka they have finally got, they would want to make best use of it. But they don’t knew there is a naughty cameraman lurking around.

These Indian couples desperately need a room!

Who’s Who?


Love is ignorant of the environment


The “Baaghis” of modern days


It’s more than just oxygen provider


And you thought size of the tree mattered?


Yeah right, you are hidden


Kabhi Kabhi mere dil mein…


Summers, but you gotta love her

Prem Aasan at its best!!

We need to plant a little more

Utha le re baba, utha le…mereko nahi re!!

In any case, these scenes in public are way better than someone peeing or fighting or littering. 

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