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What Do Indian Boys Gathering In Gali Nukkars Talk About?

During our growing up years, we all saw boys standing in huddles around the street corner. These groups were never bound by time, as in they could be seen standing there for hours together. Ever wondered what do these groups do? If you think all of them stand there just to tease girls or share a smoke – nope! Men can actually falsify statements that women are talkative. They can talk endlessly, wherein hours would seem like minutes. Khurki brings you some inner secrets about what Indian boys talk in those infamous huddles.

9 They were born to talk about girls

Boys literally can talk about girls for hours. A true Indian guy an talk about how he fell in love with a girl driving her scooter with her face completely covered. And how a strange girl whom they didn’t even propose to, a girl who had no idea about their feelings, turned out to be a bewafa.

8 Fights are what interest men the most

How they managed to kick the shit out of somebody, at some point of time in their life. Boys might even not realize that they talk a lot of fights and quarrels they have had in life. Alert: Stories can definitely be made up for the sake of showing off macho.

7 Bragging about liver capacity

No science can explain why men show off their capacity of taking alcohol. They often brag about how strong and how many drinks they have had in recent times. They even bet on things with alcohol, the one who loses treats the others with booze.

6 Once done with girls & fights, they talk about cars & bikes

From the service of their 90s model car to the latest version of Jaguar, men can talk all day about cars. And bike lovers can endlessly talk about their rides, how good they were with cuts & overtaking techniques.

5 Modern velle are up to media sharing

Oh yes, the modern days groups of Indian boys and street friends share media as well. Every nukkar is a hub where these boys gather and share videos (ahem ahem), wallpapers, applications, et al.

4 Every dude has this appetite to talk about food

They talk a lot about food, especially the north Indian boys. Being foodie is by default in them. And they can talk about eats any time they can.

3 Anyday, anytime, student politics rule the roost

Another favourite topic of the guys is student politics. No it is not about the strategies or ideologies. It is more about who is beating the shit out of the other. And that too not with the votes, but bats and hockeys.

2 Talks about (inexperienced) sex life

And yes, how can talks about sex life be far behind? That’s another matter that half of them simply brag about something they haven’t ever done in their life. But hell yeah men do talk about sex life and most of it about showing off their Macho.

1 And finally, the girlfriend related shit!

If you think guys don’t discuss their girlfriends with their guy friends, you are obviously mistaken! One hot topic of discussion among them is always – the GF. Bragging about her looks, style and other good things about her. And, girls listen up…..they also discuss problems they have with you!

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