India Has Some Amazing Jungle Camping Sites! Check Them Out!


India has some of the most interesting topography and diversity in the world. You will find jungles in almost every state of the nation. The richness of flora and fauna attracts many travellers to these locations. You can choose from offbeat locations to the more popular ones. Whatever might be the location, an adrenalin rush is granted for sure. We have for you today some peculiar and very promising places to set up a jungle camp in India.

Camp Potters Hill


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This camp is located at a distance of five kilometers from Shimla. This is a luxury camp that is set right in the middle of a jungle. The views are breathtaking. You can choose from deluxe tents and cottages. You can also sign up for activities like rock climbing, night trekking and rappelling.

The Jungle Park


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If you have always wanted to spend time in a tree house and that too down south, then head here. This park has tree houses that have been made on trees that are about 90 feet tall. The place has the perfect balance of adventure, luxury and beauty.

Jim Corbett National Park



The park is famous for its tigers and other animals in the wild. You can indulge in camp safaris, night trekking and water rafting or just chill out with the jungle in your backyard. You get a lot of choice in resorts and they fill up fast, so book in advance.

Pench National Park


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The camp has a tribal setting and is located in Madhya Pradesh. You get to experience stunning sunsets and sunrises. You can do so much here that a week is a must. If you want to know the definition of Incredible India in real, then you have to plan a holiday here.



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Not many know that Coorg too offers many opportunities for camping in a jungle. You can choose form the camps at Coorg, Dandeli or Ramanagara. A jungle trek is in the offering.  Take our word and just spend a night under the stars.

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