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Incredible India: 320 Cr Spent On Republic Day Parade

Symbolism is of great value to everyone. But, this Republic Day, KHURKI is tormented once again by what may seem quaint to some: How much does it cost to organise this elaborate show of power and pride?

What if we say that this amount is a whopping Rs 320 crore! No, we are not kidding. We have proof…

A query filed under the RTI Act elicited this response from the Central Public Works Department:


Now for the justification busting…

One may justify by saying that Republic Day parade is the reiteration to the 1.25 billion people that we exist as a republic. So what? Why can’t the patriotic ‘me’ remember it otherwise without incurring so much expenditure?

Another justification may go by the reasoning that Republic Day provides an occasion to felicitate the people who laid down their life for the nation and give them the highest honour. But how many of these brave soldiers and their families are actually taken care of? We all have seen families of valiant soldiers living a life of penury…

The fact that this showcasing of armed forces serves as a great motivation for youngsters to join the armed forces also fails to justify the huge expenditure. Agreed that no amount of advertisements for recruitment can achieve what a lieutenant in 20s leading the march of his contingent on TV screen does to the mind of a potential recruit. But does that also justify the cost of inviting and hosting the foreign dignitaries? KHURKI somehow doesn’t buy the contention.

It is a great event that helps India communicate its super power status to the whole world through the show of arms and forces also fails to buy much justification.

This extravagance was aptly questioned last year in February by Chief Justice H L Dattu. He had made a very serious observation to the Centre “you spend Rs 100 crore on Republic Day parade, but when it comes to payment of compensation to farmers, you file appeals”.

But then, this led to the question being raised by the Twitterati whether Supreme Court was a traitor?


Publicity hungry or tradition?


Apex court’s truth or dare…


Is R-Day parade a show of democracy?


Is judiciary accountable to anyone?


But but but, why has this question not been asked earlier? How much is spent on the travelling arrangements, accommodation, food of the parade’s participants? How much is spent on security arrangements? How much fuel is wasted?

Rise all you Khurkis and ask yourselves for justification to this show of grandeur and extravagance!

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Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma
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