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In Search Of That Elusive Fountain Of Youth!



In search of that elusive fountain of youth!

Ageing has to be the most loaded word in English language; the word seems to stoop low with the weight of sagging skin, puffy eyes, blemished cheeks and wrinkled-paling face. Aah, the mention of it brings the worry lines on your face too!

So are you going to set off to unknown terrains in search of that elusive fountain of faith like Alexander the Great did? Now, why would you do that when you know you can get some of your youthful looks back with just one botox session in the nearby skin clinic! And to get that done, all you need is a few bucks. Plus some courage! Add to it an ability to fool yourself too!

First of all, this article is not meant to discourage women to get Botox sitting or Liposuction therapies or face-lift treatments. It is your money and if money spent on these things can restore your beauty, go ahead. With this being said, don’t just go for the cheapest option. We all want to save money, but if you’re doing something to improve your appearance, you want to make sure it is worth it. Plus, knowing that specialists like Jarrod Little are out there, there shouldn’t be any excuses as to why you wouldn’t want the best.

Don’t we all follow John Keats, a thing of beauty is a joy forever! So looking beautiful (at any cost) is the moral of the story. No wonder, skin clinics offering all such treatments are mushrooming like never before. And why feel guilty to hide your wrinkles, everyone around is doing it. Hema Malini has got it done in such a manner that she can’t even smile fully. And Shabana Azmi, she seems to have gotten a frozen face; thanks to an over-dose of Botox.

Hema MaliniAish


Venturing into Bollywood beauties and their facial treatments is a disastrous topic. From bold and beautiful Anushka Sharma to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, they all love to do it. But then they don’t admit it. The very reason being the fact that we still feel natural beauty is the real beauty. Anything added or deleted artificially is plastic! Of course, the phrase ‘natural beauty’ would always be our criteria of judging the beauty but that is not stopping Indian women (middle class housewives included) to opt for a few sessions of Botox now and then. Seems like they believe what that French company has bene feeding in their mind for last 15 years – They are worth it!

There is no harm in getting a Botox or Laser or Liposuction treatment. These are safe as long as clinical specialists do treatments such as fat removal with liposuction. They restore some of the youthfulness and skin luster. And they are temporary as well as addictive. You would feel like getting them done again and again provided you are convinced that you actually shed some years from your face with these treatments. The problem right here is of the mindset! The non-acceptance of aging!! The rejecting of graceful maturing!!

Like the Snow White’s mother, Indian women cannot hear the mirror praise the women of younger age. So beings the quest of matching their younger companions!

We are constantly in denial mode. We deny our age and wrinkles. We deny the fact that our body would one day lose its youthfulness and no amount of money can get it back. We deny the fact that we don’t need to take a dip in that elusive Fountain of Youth because ageing is as important a part of life as childhood!

It’s time we awaken from this waking dream and realize that age is just a number when we are young at heart. The formless part of you can never age or grow old. Get a Botox or two done and if you get tired of running against time, join the Khurkians who would be sitting lazily in some park chatting like old days and singing – “Dil hona chahida jawan, umra ch kee rakheya!”

Rachit Bhargav
Rachit Bhargav
An extrovert with extra craving for travelling the world and exploring new places and technology is his first love first wife and again 'extra' marital.

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