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Next Time You Are In Kasauli, Must Try This!


Kasauli is a small town on the way to Shimla from Chandigarh, which has managed to retain its old world charm. Every time you feel like taking a break, just pick up your car and drive upto this dreamy town that moves at its own leisurely pace.

And while you are there, carry this must-do list.

1. Walk up to the Sunset Point

Just hundred meters ahead of the Kasauli Club, you will reach this magical point. The view from here is mesmerizing, especially at sunset. There is a small café here, which serves the most delicious barbecue in the evening and corn on the cob during the day besides the refreshing tea. Swings and slides can keep the kids busy.

2. The famous Manki Point or Monkey Point

It is the highest point in this small town and also has temple dedicated to Hanumanji. Legends say that Hanumanji had stopped to rest here. The place actually resembles a foot.

3. The historic Anglican Church

You must must visit this church. It looks like a cross and has an eerie setting amongst fir and chestnut trees. The church dates back to 1842.

4. Stroll at the lower Mall

If you like to walk, then a stroll on the Lower Mall is a must. It is just a three kilometers walk, so do wear your walking shoes.

5. Go stylish on the Upper Mall

If you like to see heritage buildings then don’t miss the Upper Mall for anything. The gradual ascendant is very relaxing.

6. Don’t leave without eating BBQ Chicken

This famous chicken joint has two branches and their smoked chicken sells like hot cakes.

7. Go nostalgic over bun and samosa

Go totally desi by eating this simple delight at the dhaba close to the church with a cup of hot piping tea. Mind the monkeys though, lest they snatch your eats!

8. Have momos at the Tibetan market

Go have your fill of yummy dumplings at the Tibetan market. And while you are there try the Wanton soup too. For the lovers of spice, pick a pack or two of their red hot chilli spice for back home.



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