Can You Imagine A Life Without These Inventions?


There are some inventions that we totally take for granted. They have been around for so long that they have become a part of our lives now.

But stop for a moment, and think how different life would be without them.

1. Modern-age bathrooms


In our stressful lives, we take showers and toilets for granted. Don’t forget our ancestors used to go to the jungle.

2. Life without refrigeration

Mommy going crazy

Our moms would probably go crazy trying to preserve the food without the cooling of the refrigeration.

3. See clear with spectacles


Can you imagine how life would be without your pair of specs? They have become a part of our personalities.

4. The curious zippers

Button on Jeans

This one is actually funny. What would all of us be doing if we had no zippers in our pants.

Smart Haa.. Yes, you have the alternative!

5. Shopping without credit cards


Half the women on this planet would probably go into a depression if we told them to imagine life without plastic cards.

6. The humble remote control

No remote

Life would be one big struggle if you had to get up every time to change the channels on your TV. Remotes allow us to be laid back in our homes.

7. The Internet


People are getting married on Skype thanks to the internet. The world would be a distant and cold place in its absence.

8. The quintessential mobile phone


They have evolved over the ages and are now an extension of our personalities. We probably won’t be able to survive without one.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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