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I’m Sorry But Aapka Beta Ch*tiya Hai


If there was any test to certify if you or anyone around you is a chutiya or not, this is what the test would have been:

1. If he sends forwarded messages to 10 more, sirf iss darr se ki God will punish him for not forwarding it. Congratulations, he is a certified one.

2. If he is wearing his dark glasses inside the mall and that too in the evening, dump him. He is a chutiya.

3. If he has a Facebook DP with caption ‘MAH LIFE, MAH RULEZ’, I’m Sorry but he is a….

4. On a social outing, they always say wallet ghar bhul gaya yaar. Chu kahin ka!!!

5. If your Facebook profile name is Princess and you resemble Sonakshi Sinha, replace it with chutiya.

7. If a guy is dancing on ‘Chittiyaan kalaian ve’! Chodo yaar, bechare par taras khao.

8. If you call someone and he has Honey Singh’s song as his callertune, leave him a text calling him a chu… and then block him.

9. When your son spends good time in the washroom, with a high-end internet connection and some magazines, he too is ahem ahem!!



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