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Last-Minute Ideas To Spend Your Love Day!

6 Surprise Ideas for V-Day, hit NEXT

We all are little weird, life is also weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join them and fall into what can be called a mutually-satisfying weirdness and call it love, true love. And for this special bond for your special person, you really have to do something special. Valentine’s Day is to celebrate your love and a great reminder for each other of the love and bond you share. So, seize the big opportunity and surprise your partner with a lovable evening to rekindle the romance. Some surprise ideas to make your day perfect.

5 How about a romantic evening

A romantic day calls for a romantic evening. Surprise your bae with a reservation at his favourite restaurant, dress up in your sexiest attire and head out for candlelight dinner with romantic songs in the background and your favourite food to spend some quality time with each other. Isn’t it just beautiful?

4 Romantic date at home

Light a few candles or turn the lights down and blindfold him/her, then leave clue notes or directions around the house that lead to a big surprise. Surprise starts with a bouquet of roses, chocolates, cards, big size teddy and a beautiful ring.

3 Be a cook for this special day

Bake cookies, cakes or cook your partner’s favourite dishes with romantic servings and have it together with some wine and conversation. Share some cute adorable moments cuddling each other.

2 Movie together

Think outside the box and just bring the romance into your living room and make it surprising like watch a romantic cute movie, snuggle up, order in and spend your whole day in each other’s arms. So that you get some time to cherish your beautiful moments together to make it more memorable.

1 Slow Dance


Perfect romantic night involves a bit of music and fun so head up to a club together, or stay back at home, play some romantic tracks in the background and enjoy a slow close dance and make it more happening.

Celebrate your love you feel for your partner this Valentine’s Day by going out of your way to make it just perfect. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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