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What ‘I Need Space’ Really Means?




These three little words can throw anyone in a state of panic. But they don’t always mean that it’s over. All you need to do is make the effort of putting yourself in his shoes and think.

We are trying to make it easy for you by deciphering the code for you.

1. Hand some control back

He says – I want some time for myself

It means – He or she wants a girl or boys night out once in a while.

What to do – Give him some free time and stop patrolling him

Risk Level – Easy to deal with

2. The arguments are stressing him out

He says – I am sick of the arguments

It means – Your anger is hurting him bad

What to do – Learn to calm down and look for solutions the same day

Risk Level – Mild, but can get higher if you stop listening

3. The pressure is mounting

He says – I am fed up of coming second

It means – If you don’t let up, I’ll be thinking hard

What to do – Plan the future and talk about positive memories

Risk Level – High, and if you don’t spot the danger on time, you are doomed

4. He might stray

He says – Were you ever in love with me?

It means – That he is already getting attention. And is just waiting to walk

What to do – Don’t confront him directly. Try to dig out all the details you can

Risk Level – Red hot, this affair is over

5. It’s over in his heart

He says – He stops arguing and walks out

It means – You just need a formal notice, it was over long back

What to do – Get ready to move on

Risk Level – Over and out


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Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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