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I Can Die Too…If It Ends A Scam!

“Bas bahut ho gaya….band karte hain dhanda”, is a cry of pain. A cry of pain for the victim: a war cry of triumph for the bully, the corrupt. Welcome to the India of the corrupt!

45-year-old Suraj Parmar, a reputed Thane-based builder, Chairperson and Managing Director of Cosmos group, committed suicide with his personal gun at a sample bungalow of one of his upcoming projects.

Before the suicide, Parmar shot off a letter to the CM, Maharashtra, naming a few of Thane Municipal Corporation and civic officials demanding bribe to pass his projects. The gang was aptly named “the Golden Gang”, knowing our love for the metal. The suicide got the CM, Devendra Fadnavis working. A stern warning has come as an official reprimand that the guilty, irrespective of their political affiliations, will be brought to book.

Arre bhai, kaun kehta hai ki Hindustan mein koi system nahi chalta? Can’t we see how well coordinated this entire effort is. A bunch of corporators, a few civil engineers and lawyers, a handful of ‘activists’ thrown in and you have a perfect team working. First, the ‘Golden Gang’ sets up regular meetings to discuss who their ‘target’ is. Then all these people get technical details of the ongoing projects.

Once a minor aberration is noticed then all the hard work comes to the fore. Activists file complaints; the corporators create a din in the House, thereby creating pressure on the builder to yield to their greed.

Phew! Isn’t that hard work! After going through all this, I salute the corrupt. They need a bigger mastermind, a bigger game plan, more hard work and more manipulations to survive. Imaandaar aadmi to sirf sachchai ke naare lagakar bhooke peit so jaata hai. Kisi kaam ka nahi hai ek imandaar aadmi. The system works and is in place only because of the corrupt.

The activists in this story deserve a special applause. Systematic corruption does inspire you. These activists made the same complaint regarding a project in 2010 and 2014, withdrawing the earlier complaint on the grounds that he was mistaken. Isn’t their bravado inspirational?

It’s sad that a suicide of a prominent builder spoilt the entire “golden gang’s” party. Had it been somebody less influential, probably the party would have continued. But now secrets are being unearthed. We’ll have to wait and see whether the “golden gang” is back in business or Suraj Parmar’s protest is not in vain.

This is our India. Hopelessly corrupt India.

A story goes that World Bank sanctioned a huge loan for a great bridge to be built over a magnificent river in an Indian town to alienate the sufferings of the residents, who had to face immense hardships to cross from one end to the other. Now the loan was sanctioned and the money disbursed. It is not a surprise at all that the bridge was never made.

But this not the level of corruption in this story. The height of corruption is that there was no river in that town in the first place.

You can laugh or cry at this story. What your reaction is will show the kind of person you are!

Savita Bhatti
Savita Bhatti
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