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Hyde Park Store Owner Fights Off Gunned Robber With Shoe!

It is generally said that Singhs should not be messed around with, then here’s one perfect example to prove this statement!

robber with shoe

A Sikh gentleman by the name of Amrik Singh bravely fought an armed robber with shoe!!

robber with shoe

Initially, Amrik Singh was ready to give the robber the cash but suddenly he took his shoes and chased the armed robber out of his store.

robber with shoe

This CCTV footage shows Amrik Singh flinging a shoe at the suspect who’s armed with a shotgun before chasing him out of the store.

The incident occurred at the Route 9 Mini Mart Citgo Station in Staatsburg, a hamlet on the outskirts Hyde Park, New York, at around 8pm on Tuesday.

He told a local newspaper that he hadn’t planned on charging at the robber but that something inside him told to do something. He was quoted in the Poughkeepsie Journal as saying, “I tried to give him money. I don’t know really, what happened.”

robber with shoeThe robber was described as a 5’10″ white male who came inside the Route 9 Mini Mark at Staatsburg, NY with a shotgun and wearing 2 masks.While Singh chased the gunman out of the store, the man was able to fire a shot at the feet of Singh.

The man is still on the loose and police has released surveillance video to identify the suspect.

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Team Khurki
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