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Smart Husbands, Catch Your Wives Bluffing About This To You!


Priya Aurora
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Women are amazing creatures. They can practically do anything under the sky. They are great at cooking, giving birth to kids, dancing, driving, and even multitasking. But they also have a hidden talent, which all men should be aware of. They are masters at ‘faking it’. And we just don’t mean sex. They fake and bluff about a whole lot of other things too and eight out of ten times, they get away with it. So dear husbands, next time your wife tries any of these tricks, you can refer to our list and catch her red-handed. And wives, we mean no harm, all in a day’s work, we know.

When she tells you she loves your mother…


She will try her best to convince you that she loves her like her mom and even enjoys her company. But in reality they both might not be able to stand each other one bit. Try and eavesdrop next time she is talking to her own mother, you will know.

When she says she loves a good game of cricket or football


Well, this lie only makes life easy for you. Till the time she is pretending, you can watch your game in peace.

When she tells you she did not mix whites with coloured

Washing lingerie-Khurki.net

She will be quick to blame the ironing man or the maid, but you should know who operates the machine. It’s her obviously.

When she says she loves to have your friends over

we are your friends

Well you cannot blame her for hating your friends, especially if you are calling them over every day. One fine day she might throw them out herself.

Saying she did not sleep a wink in your absence


Believe us when we tell you that she slept like a baby, in fact she loves the whole bed to herself.

Especially when she pretends to be dumb about finances


She’s just trying to look dumb, as she knows that you might lose your top when you see the credit card bill.

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