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Watch A 7-Year-Old’s Thoughts On Humans & Civilisation



Watch to believe the little perceptions and big words….!

Have you ever wondered what kids think about humans & civilisation!

Is humans & civilisation a topic a 7-year-old can talk or discuss!

Well, check out the little Aditya Chincholi, who has his own perceptions of this wild world. Aditya lives in Bangalore and has a lot to say on how his Bangalore and his maternal house in Shimla are so different.

His take on humans & civilisations makes Khurki also think whether the world is the way we see or is it the way this little mind understands. He has loads of questions on why, where, what, how and which….?

And these are questions which most of our kids have. Like where does the sun go at night, why doesn’t papa ever cook in the kitchen, why does mama only go to hospital to get babies. These are questions, which no matter how intelligent a mom, finds difficult to answer!

This video is very close to Khurki’s heart, of how little Adi walks the little lanes and bylanes of Shimla and asks us questions – the answers to which we really don’t have…

Please do leave a line of encouragement for the little Aditya!

Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma
For Khurki, I am providing sarcasm, which is the only free service I offer. Rest, I'm still digging the earth to get as grounded as possible...Soul to Sole....

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