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How You Wish You Were Working For Housing.com!!


Priya Aurora
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Rahul Yadav, the CEO of housing.com, has decided to give away his share of worth Rs 200 crores in the company to his employees.

And why would he do that? He says he’s too young to be worrying about money. Now you have our attention, as it’s not every day you hear businessmen in India willing to share their riches with their underpaid employees.

(Assuming that all employees are underpaid )

Rahul Yadav is just 26 and decided to play ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ act yesterday. How you wish you were one of the 2,251 employees working for this real state e-commerce website called housing.com. The last few days have been very dramatic for the company that already has presence in 85 Indian cities.

First, Rahul Yadav resigned from the company and them took a complete U-turn on his stand and withdrew his resignation.

The company had released a statement on Wednesday stating that Rahul had decided to allot his shares to the employees, which comes to a year’s salary for each employee. According to the CEO, the vision behind the company was to solve the global problem of housing and to unite global housing players in order to create a global giant in the real estate sector.

AT 26, he doesn’t want to get serious about money. That is pretty understandable because housing.com has already seen a 500% jump in the number of its followers, all thanks to an advertising campaign in which the company invested a whopping 250 crore.

Whatever his plans, we sure hope other young CEOs take cue and have the heart to part away with some of their treasure too.

CEOs are you listening?????????

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