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Don’t Worry If You Are Single…You Too Can Enjoy V-Day!



If you do not have a special someone this year, then be your own Valentine. Sounds corny? Well, it’s better than sulking around with your singlehood on V-day. You can either enjoy with it or completely ignore this day. Here are a few ways to enjoy without a significant someone.

Pamper yourself

The day of love is selfless with so many offers in the market, spend money on yourself treat yourself like an emperor.

Go see How To Be Single


Embrace your single status and take notes on the right way to do so. This upcoming move with an all star cast (Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson, Alison Brie, and Leslie Mann) will have you rolling with laughter leaving no time for SAD singles.

Get out of town


If you do not want to be stuck with pink and confetti on V-Day, it’s another of those days to plan out a holiday. Take a small drive to the countryside or join a trek for the weekend.

Get back to a neglected hobby


C’mon soldier back to the hobby you left midway. It is today that the hobby will be your saviour and save you from loneliness on V-Day. Use this day as a milestone to get back to your passion.

Throw a party


Throw an anti-Valentine party. Call up your single friends and gorge on food and drinks together. So what if it’s not a candle night dinner, it will be day spent with loved ones instead.

Ignore the occasion


What is preferably done by most of us is a complete rejection of this day. Celebrate your Valentine any day with your loved one, instead of gong mainstream with most of the world. Go and ignore the world and be your own valentine.


Valentine day is mostly a commercial holiday it’s more fondly called a Hallmark holiday, with all the cards and gifts circulating all over. It’s a day which makes a lot of people happy you can join in or just enjoy from a distance.

Simranjeet Kalra
Simranjeet Kalra
A man of all seasons, I have seen life closely through the eyes of people I have met. I have a knack for having an alternate vision and a keen "situation-al observation". Always curious and digging for more information, am coming up with my first novel aimed at invoking positive thinking among Indian youth!

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