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How Embarrassing We Indians Can Be While Travelling Abroad!


Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

When Indians are travelling abroad, they are a different species all together. You can spot them from far away and they can be extremely funny. And if you are going to argue that you don’t do any of this, we are not going to believe you at all.

1. The whole world needs to know

Starting from the time they leave home, and till the time they get through the security check, the whole world needs to know on Facebook/Twitter.

2. We like to travel big


Indians like to travel in big groups. If you see a group of people who are loud, wearing new sneakers and matching caps you know who they are. Get ready to hear Punjabi and Gujarati accent from every corner of the plane.

3. You see their Matrix ISD numbers on Whatsapp status

But their calls last less than a minute. It’s really expensive yaar!!

4. They have to carry Parle-G and mango pickle in their handbags


Even if they are travelling to Paris, their luggage will include some Indian food or spice for sure. What if they get stranded on an island, at least they can eat aam ka achaar!!

5. Their Maths skills are brushed and tested

They can’t help but convert everything from euros or dollar to rupees. And then they go – In India it is for half that price!!

6. Look shocked when they can’t bargain

They are not used to buying from shops that don’t bargain. Who shops like that?

7. Putting on a fake accent


If their dress does not give away, then their accent does. Mastering that fake accent is an art.

8. Endless charade of selfies


They like to click a selfie after every ten minutes. The street, window, bay, car, dog, cat all need to be captured.

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