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This Is How To Handle Your Hot Girlfriend And Not Be Nervous!


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Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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So what if you have a hot girlfriend. Take life as normal as it can be. Don’t expect your life to change overnight, as there is not much of a difference. All that’s around is a result of your overthinking. We all end up in making stupid assumptions and this presumptuous attitude can result endanger your relationship. Every girl is beautiful, it all depends on how you look at yours. And trust me, there will be people who will not find your girlfriend hot. This hotness is not measured in any SI unit, it’s completely subjective. And this is not some rocket science that you can’t understand.

A hot woman is also a woman


She also likes to be praised, even if her photographs turn out to be bad. So try not to withstand but understand her. And praise your hot girlfriend whenever you can for the sake of your relationship but please be genuine.

You are not a service guy

hot girlfriend
Source: nyandiagachago.blogspot.com

You are not a call centre executive in real life. It might be your profession, but it’s not your life. Have some dignity.

Be calm, even if she is a head turner

hot girlfriend

Whenever you go out with her, people are going to turn their heads. And that is obvious as she is really an attractive woman. And you have to accept her and this staring part as well. Beauty is to be appreciated.

Try handling your insecurities first

Source : Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

Those head turning situations can also end up in making you insecure. Now that you know its probability, start working on it from now, right now.

Look at the heart of the hot


If that hot person is not treating you right, your relationship is not worth it. Get out of it.

Be a hot man

hot girlfriend
Source : Bollywoodmasti.tv

Try and make some grooming changes and be the hot guy. Make sure you don’t look desperate & wannabe. That can totally turn your relationship upside down.

Do not try to change her

Source : organicacupunctureportland.com
Source : organicacupunctureportland.com

But with your such attempts, do not try and change her lifestyle or ways. Telling her about do’s and don’ts to the way she has always been will invite trouble for your relationship.

Trust is mandatory

Source : Flickr.com
Source : Flickr.com

Insecurities will increase your distrust in her and your relationship. Try not to be the guy who doubts his love. Her being hot can bring weird thoughts to your mind and you may go to the extreme of thinking she’s cheating on you. DON’T be an a**.

Cover Image Source Indiatoday.in 

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