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What’s Wrong With Arjun Kapoor As Khatron Ke Khiladi Host?

Watch Arjun Kapoor in the Seagram’s commercial and the only thing he boasts about in “making his life large” is losing weight. Yes, that’s his biggest achievement till date and okay, well, we give it to him. But imagine Khatron Ke Khiladi (Fear Factor) and imagine comparing him with Akshay Kumar…eew!

Let’s see what all is wrong with Arjun Kapoor as Khatron Ke Khiladi host for this already spoiled season:

1. The fans hate it already


Ever since the news came out, the internet is being bombed with memes and jokes, bombarding the Kapoor dude. We don’t know what’s wrong; after all he is also human! 😛

2. Mr Chocolate Boy

Arjun Kapoor has an image of being touted as a “chocolate boy”. No matter how many attempts he makes at being tough, he fails miserably every time.


3. He ruined 2 States for us

2 States as a novel was a charmer and as a movie a disaster. Many fans blamed Arjun Kapoor for playing a dull role and not living up to their expectations. The only thing prevented from happening was a candle march at the India Gate, in protest of his role. Phew!


4. He is terribly over-rated

He is the son of film maker Boney Kapoor; the guy who made Mr India. He is Anil Kapoor’s nephew. He is Sonam Kapoor’s cousin and is terribly over-rated, and has not proven his worth till date. We have bleak hopes for the future as well!

5. He has bad karma, maybe!

We don’t know what wrong has he done in his past life or if Indian people had some disputed land, which he wanted, or whatever, but Indian fans in general don’t particularly like him. Or what should we say…umm yeah, despise him is the word!!

6. He has no action legacy

Be it Akshay Kumar or Rohit Shetty, any one who has hosted the Indian installment of Fear Factor had some proven history in action movies. Besides other reasons, this factor creates a “connect” among the audience with the theme of the show. What action has Arjun done? Did you say “Gunday”…oh we pity you!!



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