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7 Reasons Why Hostel Life Is Must For Every Student!



If you have ever lived in hostel, you must have faced all these things and if you haven’t then you should but let me make one thing clear if your roomies are not good to you or are way too weird for you then you should just leave them…..nay just kidding just try to make things work because there must be something with which you can agree or be friendly.

You get sleepovers whenever you want

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Being in a hostel means staying with a lot of people in a single building. Even though you are staying in the same complex, it doesn’t mean you can’t have sleepovers. Obviously, you can ask all your friends to come to your room and sleep together and have some fun.

You get to know people more closely

It’s been said that when you live with people under one roof, you get to know them better. The same goes for hostel too. When you stay with a person for most of the waking hours, you come to understand them better. Even if your first thought about them when you meet them was not too positive, the two of you could become the best of friends after some time.

Sharing comes naturally to you


Your friends do ask for stuff from you very often and you do give it to them easily because they are your friends. But when it comes to your hostel mates, you give a second thought before giving them something and if you say no…it can get bad. Don’t worry, they wouldn’t be upset or you will be no more friends! It’s just that they will be taking your stuff and won’t be returning unless you apologize. So, eventually sharing will become a habit.

Your support structure


Trust me, there will be many times when you would be going through a hard time. Times when everything could be going upside down. And, to increase your problems your brain will just stop working or responding. In such a situation, you just need some extra grey matter to make things right. That’s where your roommates, floor mates or your wing mates will come handy and you would love the attention! It could be any boarding school in the world, be it Mayo College in India or The King’s School in Australia, one thing that would remain the same is the depth of the friendships you form there and the lifelong support system you build for yourself.

Hard times don’t stay that HARD


There are situations in which you are just not able to make things work and every moment is like a new riddle which seems impossible to solve. But hey, you don’t have to worry because you are in a hostel. You will definitely find someone who too could be facing a similar problem or had handled a similar problem. And then, hard wouldn’t be hard any more.

Endless midnight conversations

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Time just becomes of little consequence as do manners when you are in a hostel. So, when weird thoughts strike you and the time is odd, you can non-hesitatingly just tap on the next door and go and pour your heart out. No matter what happens, your pals will always listen to you!

You get late night movie time with friends

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One of the best part of being with your friends in the same room is that you get endless midnight movies with a lot of drama. Even the most boring or weird movies will become entertaining in a group. You will look back at these times shared as part of your most cherished memories!

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