No It’s Not Tomorrowland’s Party, It’s Holi @ ISKCON Temple in US


Tony Thomas
Live to learn and learning has no end. That’s what I believe and each day we have numerous opportunities to correct our mistakes and bring out the best in us.

Everyone has a bucket list. Am sure you too have one. Don’t you? If not, then it must be given due importance, as this list motivates you to have some of the best experiences in life.

Letting you write your craziest dreams and making them come true with your own efforts. My next question to you would be how was your Holi celebration this year? If the answer is ‘Amazing’ then we are in the same boat because I had a wonderful one too. But there are a few who add some of the most happening destinations to their list for Holi celebration like Mathura and Vrindavan, Barsana, Anandpur Sahib, Jaipur and Udaipur, Goa.

If you have visited any of these epic places to celebrate Holi, then you are indeed lucky. But these pictures and video of Holi celebrations are not from India. What you are going to witness is the World’s Largest Holi celebration that took place in USA at Krishna Temple by ISKCON, Utah.

Image Source

This proves that the world is a global village and celebration sees no boundaries.

Image Source

Image Source

So good to see the West also celebrating the Festival of Colours.

Image Source

One of your Holi celebrations must be at this amazing destination. So add this to your Wish list and it will definitely come true someday.

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