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A Solo Trip To Himachal Is Fantastic, But Beware Of These Dangers!


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Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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Going for a trip to Himachal is like your treat to yourself. You will certainly make memories that will be forever. Sometimes, clearing out the mundane stuff to fill it up with nature & positive energy is needed. And to fulfil this need, there is no better place than Himachal. And the best way to do that is going on a lone trip to Himachal. But before any kind of solo trip, you need to be prepared. Yes it is always good to go with the flow and see what destiny has to offer, yet preparations makes things better. Specially when it is your first solo trip to an unknown place you should definitely be prepared. Life is not like a travel based film, there  are risks which are real in nature and can harm you. So better be prepared and once you are experienced, the world is yours.

Advance Bookings

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Make sure you book place to sleep & take rest whatever your destination maybe. Himachal during the peak season can go out of rooms. There will definitely be a place with a room available but either they are going to overcharge or may be far away. And finding a right place would wast a whole lot of time which could be utilized real well.

Himachali Souvenirs

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Now once you comeback from Himachal, you should definitely be carrying some sort of souvenir with you. You will carry many memories with yourself but a souvenir toh banta hai. And you will not have to look for it, something will attract you definitely.

Cheap Food

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Another thing about Himachal is that you will eat at very economical priced places. But the peak locations outlets will definitely try to overcharge. So be smart while making food choices.


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Weather predictions might go wrong but you should definitely be prepared for the possibilities. When it comes to weather in Himachal, it is definitely difficult to predict, as the hills are quite unpredictable.


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No matter what kind of place it is, always read & research about the place before you visit. Knowing about the place will help you explore it many better ways. Making the best use of time and money.

Stay away from river

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Travelling alone doesn’t mean that you end up camping right next to the river. No wonders it sounds really amazing but it can be dangerous. The water, if released from the dams, can simply take you away with it. Yes that was blunt and rude, but it is about your own safety at the end of the day. You have to make sure your solo trip remains solo, not your last trip.

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