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Himachal Govt named school after 16YO gang rape victim

Shimla July 24: Over the past weeks, Himachal Pradesh has been on a boil. On July 4, a 16-year-old girl left her school in Mahasu, Shimla and headed home. On other days, her brother would accompany her. However, that day, he stayed back to attend an event in the school. On her way back, she crossed paths with Rajendra Singh, a orchard manager from her village, who was driving a private vehicle and was headed to the village. Singh offered her a lift. The vehicle had five other men between the ages 19 to 42 years, each one of them inebriated. They took the girl — named Gudiya by residents of Shimla after the incident — to a nearby forest and took turns to rape her. Later, they killed her. The victim’s body was found with bite marks all over her body, burns from cigarettes in the forest.

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Since then Shimla has been on a boil, demanding quick justice for ‘Gudiya’.

The Himachal Pradesh government, in a move that they must have thought would allay the protests, decided to name a government school after the girl who was raped and murdered.

A school in Dhar Tarpunoo (Tali), located close to victim’s house was upgraded as a senior secondary school and the government named it after her, reports Indian Express.According to Indian laws, one is not supposed to reveal the identity of a victim of rape.

It had to eventually scrap the move.

“There were cigarette burn scars on her body. She was bitten over lips, cheek, breasts. A leg and an arm had fractures. She was subjected to inhuman treatment before she was murdered,” the 16-year-old’s uncle told India Today.

Source HuffPost

Himachal Khurki
Himachal Khurki
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