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Kotkhai rape & murder accused cremated at Sanjauli

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Shimla, July 27: The ordeal of grief-stricken Mamta ended today with the cremation of the body of her husband Suraj, who died in the police custody in Kotkhai eight days ago.One of the six accused in the rape and murder case, Suraj was allegedly beaten to death by the main accused Rajinder, alias Raju, in the lock-up on July 18 night. Suraj’s body was re-examined by the CBI last evening, paving the way for his cremation.The funeral took place at the Sanjauli crematorium under tight police security.

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Mamta, 24-year-old widow of Suraj, along with two children Asha (7) and Sameer (3), has been lodged at the Nari Niketan, Mashobra since the death of her husband.Poignant scenes were witnessed at the cremation ground as a wailing Mamta with two children oversaw the funeral rites. The pyre was lit by the children.

Mamta ensured that all rituals were performed as per Nepalese tradition and insisted that the head of her son be tonsured.A handful of fellow Nepalese people arrived at the cremation ground when the body was brought for cremation. Members of the Akhil Bharat Nepalese Ekta Manch initially refused to cremate the body, maintaining that the relatives of Suraj had not been informed about his death and even the Nepalese community at Kotkhai and other places was not aware of the cremation.

“The plight of Mamta is unimaginable as her in-laws in Nepal and Suraj’s brother in Gujarat have still not been informed about the turn of events which have happened here,” said Jakhi Ram, an activist of the manch. He added that if the body was cremated without their consent, Mamta would be blamed by Suraj’s family.She steadfastly maintained that her husband could never indulge in such a crime.

She broke down repeatedly while thinking about the future and repeatedly asked how she would bring up her children without Suraj.Member of the manch argued that Suraj was only an accused and not convict and, therefore, the government must give adequate compensation to the family.

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