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Dark Side Of Snow For School Students in Himachal’s Narkanda!

As government schools in Himachal Pradesh have started from second week of February, the students in Narkanda government senior secondary school, nearly 65 kilometers from state capital, Shimla are facing troubles due to cold and snow in the campus. Most of the schools in number of places in Shimla districts are still covered under snow even after a month of snowfall. The school teachers also face troubles as water supply and electricity supply also got hampered due to the chilling conditions.

The water supply line also froze in the area. “Our school campus is completely snow covered. We face troubles due to snow. The strength of students is also low due to snow and cold, the students face trouble. We try to manage sometime by warming the place or sometimes take the students to open space under the sun where they can sit for studies,” said Jagdish Kashyap, the head teacher of the school. The mid-day meal workers are also facing trouble due to cold in the region as the workers for preparing meal for students coming to schools are facing problems without water.

They are taking help of the students from other locality to get water. “We are facing difficulties to cook food due to cold. The water supply pipes are freezing and we are taking help of students to carry water to cook lunch for them,” said Beli Devi, a mid-day meal worker in the school. The entire school campus is covered in snow and it is becoming difficult for the students to keep themselves warm. Classrooms are like cold zone for them and the zenith of difficulty affect these students as they are preparing for examination in March.

“Few students are coming. We are trying to find out proper place to sit outdoor under the sun to prepare for our examination,” said Vanshika, an eleventh class student. In strength of over 250 students, around three dozen students could not come to school due to cold and snow here. These students do not get even drinking water and face troubles in the school.

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Himachal Khurki
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