Malana Takes Stand On Drug Peddling ; Fine Rs 1-Lakh


Malana, an ancient village in scenic Kullu district which is infamous for its cannabis production, has now resolved to fine the villagers and others indulging in narcotic trade. Panchayat ban will come into effect from February 25 after gram sabha finally adopts a resolution to fine villagers indulging in narcotic trade that has flourished leaps and bounds over the years.

“The panchyat has resolved to ban smoking as well and it will fine people indulging smuggling of contraband. Actually, village people are innocent and hence, they have always been exploited. Panchayat has decided to impose a fine of Rs 1 lakh on those indulging in narcotic trade,” panchayat pradhan Malana Baghi Ram told Hindustan Times.

“Earlier also, we brought a resolution to prohibit photography in the panchayat, but due to lack of quorum, it could not be adopted. We have also resolved that outsiders will not be allowed to document the village life as our village is being potrayed in negatively in this cyber world,” says Bhagi Ram.


“Malana had banned locals from employing Nepalese labour, who they see as conduit engaged drug cartels. Malana villagers draw their lineage from the famous Greek king Alexander. The legend has it when Alexander raided India, he passed through treacherous mountains in Kullu and few of his soldiers were unable to travel further, so they stayed back in Malana village. The village has its own parliament system comprising Jayeshthang and lower house Kanishthang . The upper house consists of three permanent members and eight temporary members, while the lower house has the eldest member from each family. Both the houses have decided to ban the photography as well as fine persons indulging in narcotic trade,” he said.

The villagers extract hashish from the plant of cannabis sativa – it has been sold at exorbitantly high rates to drug cartels active in Parvati valley for over last four decades. The hashish brand – Malana cream – is famous world over. Malana cream has given a boost to narco-tourism in the ancient village, that was in oblivion till late eighties. Traditionally, the Malanav villagers used hemp fiber to make basket ropes and slippers, which were sold in the market . But the visiting foreigners to the land locked village taught the villagers to rub cannabis plant to extract intoxicating resin. Foreigners’ lessons on extracting charas seemingly changed the life of people in this culturally-rich village. Villagers then took up the drug trade to turn their fortune. People in many different countries from around the world also decide to make and distribute cannabis to help them make some money. There are now many different types of machinery, like the rosin press, that can now be used to help make this process easier than what it usually is. Unfortunately, this may not be permitted in every country and cannabis users may have to find alternative ways to sell their cannabis. Countries like Canada that have distributers like Green Society, that produce cannabis strains like the banana punch strain, that have had more success setting up legal options for those who seek cannabis. Thankfully, in Canada cannabis is legal for recreational use, whereas in other countries it’s used medicinally above anything else – known as CBD UK wide, there are oils and edibles that can have amazing effects to heal patients and subside pains for example.

The government annually launches statewide campaign to destroy cannabis, when in other locations around the world it can be legal to produce and sell, take online dispensaries like for instance, supplying Canada with medical marijuana, while other locations and residents are punished for doing the same thing. This year, it destroyed cannabis on 500 bighas of land . The villagers with changing time have been struggling hard to shed off the cannabis tag, but at the same time, the successive government’s plans to wean them away from narctic trade are just gathering dust. The government had proposed to rehabilitate the villagers, but so far nothing has been done on the ground.

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