Shimla Municipal Corporation Election Results 2017: BJP Wins, No Majority


Shimla, June 21: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) registered a land sliding victory in the Shimla Municipal Corporation Election 2017 winning a total of 17 out of 34 wards. While the win in Shimla Municipal Corporation has given a major boost to the Narendra Modi-led BJP ahead of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Election 2017, it has failed to win a majority in the polls. BJP failed by just a ward as to win the Shimla Municipal Corporation Election, BJP had to cross the magic mark of 18 wards.

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The Indian National Congress (INC) bagged 13 seats and emerged as the second largest party in the Shimla civic polls. The CPI-M won only one seat, and the three wards have been taken by independent candidates.


Party Seats
BJP 17
Congress 13
CPI(M) 1
Independent 3


Since none of the parties have won the Shimla Municipal polls, the BJP might have to seek support from independent candidates who have won three wards in Shimla civic body. If BJP gets the support of even one independent candidate, it would reach the magic mark of 18 and hence, would rule the civic body.

As for Congress, which has won 13 seats, getting the support of three independent candidates wouldn’t make it cross or even reach the majority. However, if Congress and CPI-M decide to bury the hatchets and join, they would come equally to the BJP but still wouldn’t form a majority. In this case, it would be a hung assembly.

In 25-ward 2012 Shimla Municipal Corporation Election, the Congress had bagged 10 – dropping down from 15 in the previous municipal election – while the BJP had won 12 and the CPI-M three. Despite winning only three seats, the CPI(M) ruled the civic body because the Left party had won the posts of mayor and the deputy mayor.

From 2012, in which the election was held in 25 wards, the number of wards was increased to 34 this time. The post of Mayor, who would be elected by indirect votes has been reserved for SC women. This year for Shimla Municipal Corporation Election, the polls were not held on party symbols. In fact, all the three major contesting parties – Congress, BJP and CPM – declared the list of party-backed candidates.

The BJP had supported 34 candidates on all 34 wards, while the Congress 24 and the CPI-M had supported 21 candidates. The Communists were supporting six independents.

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