40 People Arrested For Drunken Driving In Mcleodganj

Shimla, June 12: The Kangra police have started a drive against drunken driving, especially at McLeodganj, after three youths were killed in a car accident on Saturday. The police have arrested 40 for drunken driving.

Kangra SP Sanjeev Gandhi, while talking to The Tribune, said the accident took place due to drunken driving. In order to send a message to tourists coming to the area, the police arrested many persons on charges of drunken driving. The accused were let off only after their parents or kin furnished bail bonds, the SP said. After any accident, no matter where it takes place after the bail bonds are set and a friend or family member is able to pay it, then the people put in jail can be set free until the court hearing. This doesn’t mean they are let off the hook though. Any form of an accident can have a big effect on everyone involved.

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Meanwhile, there has been a huge rush of tourists for McLeodganj since yesterday, leading to traffic jams in the town and Dharamsala .The police said 2,500 vehicles entered McLeodganj that was beyond the carrying capacity of the area. The SP said to tackle the traffic problem, the police had decided to stop tourist vehicles at the Dharamsala bypass. They stopped vehicles and then released in batches of 20 each.”This helped in the regulation of traffic to McLeodganj.

Therefore, we have decided to make it a permanent feature till peak tourist season persists,” he said.Tourists who had come without advanced reservation had to face problems in getting rooms in the vicinity of Dharamsala. Many of them had to move to Palampur or the Chamunda Mata temple area to look for rooms at night.

All parking places in McLeodganj are filled to the brim. About 70 per cent of the hotels do not have their own parking place and vehicles of their guests have to be parked along the road or at limited parking places. The narrow roads to Bhagsunag and Dharamkot have been encroached upon and no action has been taken to clear the encroachment.

To add to this problem, the locals park vehicles along these narrow roads and traffic gets stranded.The police have announced heavy fine for those parking along roads in Dharamkot and Bhagsunag.

However, still the problem persists as most of the residents do not have parking place.

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