Dhumal Attacks Congress Govt For Financial Mismanagement in Himachal


Former chief minister and opposition leader Prem Kumar Dhumal on Monday lashed at Congress government in Himachal for financial mismanagement in Himachal and said Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh’s statement on running government through ‘Jugaad’ (makeshift arrangements) proves the point. Dhumal said the financial mismanagement in Himachal was due to corruption, nepotism and mis-utilisation of resources by the government which had resulted in total debt burden on the state reaching to Rs 40,000 crore.


“There were little efforts on the part of Congress government to increase the revenue receipts by the state from its own resources. Further, the government managed to increase revenue by only Rs 30 crore in the last four years, whereas during the previous BJP regime, the revenue had reached at Rs 4,000 crore,” he said.

He also lashed the government for appointing an army of 45 chairpersons and vice-chairpersons and others, which is causing additional burden on the state exchequer.

Dhumal also questioned government on financial policy, direction and directives to reduce state expenditure and said the Congress leaders seems to be satisfied with blaming Centre government only.

Dhumal added Prime Minister Narendra Modi had increased the financial assistance to the state by three times but the government had failed to properly utilize the central grants.

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Himachal Khurki
Himachal Khurki
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