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CBI seeks magnified satellite images of Dandi forest

Shimla, Aug 29: After being pulled up by the High Court, the CBI has sought high-resolution satellite images of the exact movement of the suspects and vehicles in the Dandi-Hilaila forest on July 4 evening from the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Hyderabad, to lift the veil off the infamous Kotkhai rape and murder case of a schoolgirl.

Dandi Forest
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According to sources, the CBI has sought the help of the satellite imagery to zero in on the Dandi forest, pinning the exact movement of the suspects and vehicles on the Hilaila-Ban Kufar-Dandi road as the investigative agency will file its next status report in the High Court in the first week of September. By using the magnified satellite images of the spot, the CBI has also sought to pinpoint as to whether the girl was kidnapped or she took a lift in an utility vehicle, as the police had claimed in its investigation, or she went by her consent in some other vehicle involved in the crime, the sources added.

The CBI was pulled up by the HC and expressed dissatisfaction over the status report and gave it just two weeks to conclude the probe in both cases. Gudia Nyay Manch of 24 NGOs fighting the cause of the victim family also slammed the investigation agency for the delay.

Besides this, the CBI had scanned the houses of the suspects, who were rounded up by the police special investigation team (SIT) earlier and whose pictures were posted on the Facebook page of the CM which were later pulled out triggering public suspicion and anger. The CBI is awaiting the DNA reports of the samples from the CFSL, Delhi.

Investigators will match the CFSL findings with those of the DNA findings of the State Forensic Science Laboratory, Junga, before arriving at the conclusion, the sources disclosed.In the inter-related case of the custodial death of Suraj, a Nepali labourer and an accused, the CBI has quizzed several police officers, including the SP, Shimla, DSP, Theog, and other policemen after recording the statement of the police sentry on duty that night.

Source Tribune India

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