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Electing BJP-backed chief a Herculean task

Shimla, June 20: The removal of BJP-backed chief Pawan Gupta from the post of president of the MC has made the elevation of another party candidate to the same position a difficult task. Gupta was removed in a motion of no-confidence in which 10 of the 15 councillors voted against him. Solan municipal committee was the lone body led by the BJP in the district.

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But, the infighting within the party cost it dear.The party failed to win a majority in any of the four MCs in the district. Pawan Gupta’s removal may not augur well for the party in the election year.The motion of no-confidence was brought by the breakaway faction of the BJP, which was supported by four Congress-backed councilors. The Congress is now eyeing the coveted post though it has only four councillors.

Those from the breakaway faction of the BJP too have their aspirations.It remains to be seen whether the Congress will support the breakaway faction of the BJP or try to elevate its own candidate as the president. While the Congress stands to gain from this situation, the BJP’s image has not only taken a drubbing but it is also a setback to the party, which will try to wrest the Solan Assembly seat.

For now, Pawan Gupta and four councillors have decided to adopt a wait and watch policy. With the polls to elect the next president a month away, hectic lobbying by the BJP and the Congress is expected in the days ahead.

Source Tribune India

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