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See Why A Rethink Is Needed When Planning To Have Kids!


Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

Being a parent is certainly not an easy job. There’s a heavy stress to bring up a child. Yeah I know many of you will say kids are the cutest things on earth but wait ask a parent about it 😉 At times they drive them crazy for silly reasons. So if you are thinking about having a kid you can stop right here, because these pictures will make you want to never have kids ever as these pictures describe the hilarious situations of parents with kids. Check it out for yourself:

Did I do that?

Actually my Mom can’t get too attached to anything nice in her own home. She never knows when it will need a white wash.


Annabelle is Real

Mom i was just trying to get into character.


Only kids can do such darnest things

Honestly, there is no explanation why kids do the things they do sometimes. Moms just have to be prepared for everything all the times.


Babies attack Daddy

No, no, not a great idea to plan two kids. Look at the possible fallout. Having two kids can be more than a handful.


Making good use of couch 😉

Kids may not know how to use a couch, but they surely know how to abuse them.


When you get stuck between too many options

Mom I can’t decide, so I did this 🙁


Boss I can’t come, I got chicken pox

Thanks to my kid 😉


Finding love in the wrong place

Kids love their moms, but they also have a funny and frustrating way of showing off that love.


Kids seem to enjoy creating a mess

Little do they know how they are traumatizing their mothers.


Get out of here

See what I mean, there is no telling what one of your child will do to the other. You better don’t go for another one.


All Image Source: Tintu-Mon

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