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14 Hilarious Things People Do In Delhi Metro!

People who travel by Delhi Metro, have loads of hilarious tales to share.We got pretty amused at what we heard so…

So we thought of sharing them with you. You will hate some of them but I am sure you’d fall off your chair laughing at the others..!!

1. Don’t we hate the passengers who are experts at silent farts

yoga farts

2. Squatting on the floor in Delhi Metro when the seats are full!

3. Youngsters who like to hear loud music on their speakers

4. Uncles who lech at every woman in the coach

5. Aunties who go off to sleep on their neighbour’s shoulder

6. The corporate guy who discusses the minutes of meeting for the whole coach to hear

7. Teenagers who giggle and talk at the top of their voices

8. Jananis and the hero type guys who prefer to comb their hair in the Metro and then leave their broken tangles right there

9. The nosy neighbours who like to peep into your phone

10. Sweaty uncle whose underarm perspiration fills the breath of nearly everyone in the coach

11. The heavyweight champions who push you in from the door

12. The badtameez brats who keep their bag on the seat

13. The shameless dheeth uncles who sit on the seats meant for women and senior citizens

14. The ill-mannered males who sit with their legs spread wide apart…khotte de puttar!!

the delhi metro

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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