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Forget The Salon, Highlight Your Hair At Home!


If you want to have highlights in your hair, but you fear that the harsh chemicals will damage your tresses, then read on. We have for you today some home remedies to make your hair lighter at home. Once you are done trying them, it will seem that you were born with these gorgeous strands.


Try some cinnamon

Image Source
Image Source

Not only does cinnamon smell great, it can also be used as a natural conditioner. Just ensure you have a comb with wide tooth handy. Now just add some cinnamon powder to your conditioner, wear a shower cap and leave it for at least 3-4 hours, or overnight for brighter results.


Try some tea

Image Source
Image Source

If you’re looking for golden locks, try some chamomile tea. It also works to remove dandruff and is very easy to use. Just boil a single tea bag in about a mug of water. Let it boil for ten minutes and then let it cool. Once you have washed our hair, pour this tea water on your hair and let them dry overnight. Wash in the morning with warm water.


Mix some honey and vinegar

Honey is a great agent, if you are looking for light coloured hair. Just mix 1 portion of honey with 2 cups of good quality vinegar. Next, mix some olive oil and a tablespoon of cinnamon powder. Apply to your hair in the night, cover them up in a shower cap and wash in the morning.


Trust the juice of a lime

Image Source
Image Source


Lime juice has been used for centuries for getting light hair. And it is so simple to use. Just add some lime juice to warm water, apply it to the sections you want to get lightened. Next sit in the sun and do this every Sunday. The sun will activate the lime juice and you won’t recognize your hair.

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