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Pssst…Hide Money In These Unusual Places!



You’re not alone, plenty of people don’t feel safe leaving their money in the bank where they can’t see it. Banks have gone bust over the years, reducing all your savings to zero in the blink of an eye. That’s why lots of people invest their money into solid investments like real-estate, or machines like this Syncrobit Helium Miner buy which they can then use to earn more money.

For those who don’t want to hide their money away in solid assets and prefer to have cold hard cash by the bundles, they trade the risks of the banks losing their money to another – losing their money to simple thieves.

If you don’t feel secure leaving your money in the wallet, or the safe, or if you are just paranoid about your money, then sit up and read ahead. We picked some really crazy places for you to hide your money in where others seldom investigate. But the catch is that you need to remember where you hid your money in the first place.

Hide them in a shoe box

Image Source
Image Source

Every woman and man has loads of she boxes in the closet. Put them to good use, stash your money in them. Use a colour code to identify the box you kept your money in.

Hide under a thick carpet

Image source
Image Source

Carpets in most homes are deep cleaned once a year by hiring firms like Carpet Cleaning Pros. People walk on carpets, dance on them, and jump on them, but nobody bothers to look under them. Even if your mom likes to clean it, she will just vacuum from the top, so hide the money under it.

Hide inside the teddy bear with no nose

Image Source
Image Source

Even when we grow up, we do not let go of our favourite teddy. They stay by our bedsides for years and later become a part of the decoration. They are the perfect objects to hide your money in, as the adults ignore them and the kids will never bother to look inside it.

Inside a coloured or non-transparent vase

Image Source
Image Source

Flower vases make perfect places for stashing roles of money sealed in a plastic packet. The bigger and heavier the vase, the safer it will be. Very little chance of anybody looking inside or getting tipped over!

Inside the casing of your desktop’s CPU

Image Source
Image Source

That is the most innovative and modern day place to hide some money. Just ensure you don’t roll your money in a plastic packet, or place it directly on the components as the heat might make them melt and create bigger problems for you.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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