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7 Codes To Help You Unravel The Secrets Of His Hug!

We all give and receive subtle signs in our relationships and one of these signs is hugs. Hugs are simple but have different meanings. Physical touch is a great way to know what your man feels for you. And I am going to decipher the codes for all you Khurki readers. Here’s how I can help you decode the way he hugs, which is very fascinating and revealing. Check out the list to know the meaning of his embrace and what he feels about you:

7 Stroking The Back

While holding you if he gently strokes your back, this embrace signifies that your guy deeply cares for you. Our back is the most vulnerable body part, soft rub on the exposed zone reveals that he wants to protect and nurture you.

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6 The Pat

If you receive a thump on your upper back as a hug it’s called a Pat, this is how we usually hug our buddies. It signifies that he doesn’t take you as an intimate partner. But before you start to panic, check if it’s regular or not because your man can use this type of hug to encourage you in tough situations.

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5 The Squeeze

This is a very super cute intimate type of hug, your guy will wrap his arms around you and will pull you in to a tightest squeeze to hold you as close as possible. No matter if its long or short he doesn’t intend to let you go away.

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4 The Back Hug

If he embraces you this way by wrapping his arms over your chest, it’s a sure sign that he loves you a lot. It signifies that he is protective towards you and he feels real sense of oneness with you.

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3 The One-Armed Hug

At times your guy will wrap his arm around one side of your shoulder, according to popular belief these are very awkward and cold. If he regularly hugs you this way it reveals that he isn’t sure of his feelings and if he really wants to hug you.

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2 The Waist Wrap

This hug is a clear sign that the dude craves for you and is crazy about you, I like calling it the slow dance hug, where he places his hands around your waist and you have yours on his neck. It’s the mostsensuous type of hug. This embrace means that he had like to get in a serious relationship with you.

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1 Twirling Hug

These type of hugs are awesomely amazing, if your picks you up while embracing you and spins you around, he is conveying that he is very comfortable with you and wants to make you giggle, and loves to have good time with you.

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