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Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi Much-Awaited, But Fails On Impression Meter



Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi – a much awaited and hyped Punjabi movie finally released this Friday.

Watched it yet? Great, if you haven’t!

Unfortunately, I did…

Let’s talk about the good things first:

Well…the popcorn was nice and the caramel tasted absolutely fresh…mere liye to yehi best tha

Accha so talking about the flick, Jimmy looked younger and chocolaty in this one…


Reminded me of the time when I saw him in Munna Bhai MBBS, which was nearly 12 years ago…yep ages ago..!!

For me, that’s all which was good…now let’s talk about the bad or worst of this film…

Sabse pehle – The gaps….there were so so soooo many gaps…happenings that had no rhyme or reason….for instance…

Mukul Dev, who is a brilliant actor and is unfortunately wasted to the core in this movie, plays Hero’s (Jimmy) elder brother.


He, according to the movie, came to Canada some 13 years ago after creating some ruckus in India due to which he could never go back. He’s seen living in a posh house – rather his dwelling place is comparatively better than his boss’. Ohkay and what exactly is his profession..??? – Unclear

Then comes his boss, Shivendra Mahal, who is very well respected in the Canadian society but till the end ye saaf nahin hota ke bhai ye kaam kya karte hain??? By the way, he is also the father of Heena (Surveen).

Mukul Dev’s wife plays a decent role and fits well in her character.

Coming to the worst performer! Well, the title goes to Surveen Chawala – Henna….

My question is for the casting directors. Why can’t they see before casting her that she is supposed to be playing just a muse and nothing else. This girl simply has no feel for the character, be it this one any other role she’s done till date. Besides her Ekta Kapoor serials where the nakli aansu and skin tight shots do the needful, nowhere else has she proven her acting skills.


Someone please go and tell her that modelling with different dresses and too much of contoured make-up won’t make a mark till the time the feel is missing. All that she does in the movie is laugh and that too irritates you after sometime and you feel like – what the hell is she doing yaa…let’s just leave….





And yah..Dear Surveen we all know that people say that you resemble Aishwarya but really honey you have to stop trying too hard to copy her…Trust me, we would rather accept you as yourself than an Aishwarya lookalike..!!


Coming to the storyline…bhai interval tak to yahi samajh nai aaega ke what the hell is happening..!!! A guy in jail who’s trying too hard maaaroing daaah accent, a babe who too tries too hard to speak in the Canadian angreji but fails miserably and our poor lil fellow Jimmy, who is caught in an unwanted love triangle…but yaa what was not believable was that how can you check out a babe so much from a toppling car that you fall in love with her and call it ‘THE ISHQ’, which is worth dying for..??



Ultimately, the movie had great songs, a lot of mistakes and for me was a complete waste of time but what is worth watching in it is Jimmy coz he’s looking choo cute…!!


Another movie in which I loved his character was this one:

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