5 Helpful Tricks To Read People’s Body Language On A Daily Basis


The ability to read body language of others can provide incredible amount of information of what they are thinking about while you hold a conversation with them. Body language communicates more than the words we speak; you don’t necessarily have to be a detective to read what is going on in someone’s head. There are signals you need to know and what these unspoken signals communicate. So next time, when you are in a meeting or on a date or just having a casual conversation with your kids, look for these cues:


6. Crossed arms and legs

While conversing with someone if you notice them crossing their arms and legs take a note that they are not open to what you are saying, it suggests they are physically barricading themselves. Psychologically this posture suggests that a person is physically, mentally and emotionally blocking themselves from what is being said.

Source: www.wetfeet.com



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