Size Matters? Heartbroken Bulgarian Man Cuts Penis!


Heartbroken man cuts penis and throws it in waste bin after girlfriend leaves him over small penis…!!

We are not kidding. It’s true..

In the Macedonian city of Kochan (Bulgaria) occurred an unusually bloody breakup. A girlfriend ditched her guy accusing him of unsatisfactory sex and remarked him as a ‘bad lover’.

While most men would simply do their utmost to Last much longer in bed, This brutal and straightforward explanation was enough for Oliver Ilic to be so agitated that he slit off his own manhood.

Oliver took a sharp razor, cut his penis at the very base and threw it in the wastebasket. He started bleeding profusely due to which immediate medical attention was called for.

The doctors took five hours to sew the ripped part back in place but unfortunately, according to the doctors, this stitched piece would be of minimal use in future, instead Oliver, before taking the blade to his manhood should have just simply searched for a review of some of the Best Penis Extender kits available and hoped for the best with the next woman, now there won’t even be a next.

This was the second such case in Macedonia, wherein earlier a 40-year-old did the same self surgery and flushed it down the sewerage…Gawd!

Thinking of deception?? Watch this video and rethink..!!

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