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Arranged Divorce…Suna Hai Kabhi? We Show It To You…

Arranged divorce..!! How can it be arranged..?? Divorce is divorce after all..!!

This concept might sound abrupt to you but here is a video that showcases just this. Hats off to the person who came up with such a unique concept.

The video is hilarious and the actors did a great job. Watch till the end for the real stuff.

Now whoever thought of the video, thoroughly planned what to do to make the video extraordinary.

Initially, when you start watching the video you”ll get confused whether you are watching a video on divorce or marriage. But when you realise that the video has been placed over the backdrop of marriage atmosphere, that’s where it becomes interesting.

It’s funny how the families meet with each other as if they are performing a “Roka” ceremony. All the members very subtly taunt each other and pretend as if they are talking about something normal.

Then comes the weird part: the family make the couple talk to each other in private as if they are meeting for the first time or so and the couple is also happy showing pictures of their new partners. Then they literally have pooja for separation which they termed as “Roko”…aarti utarna, shagun dena and all.

And in the end they exchange their rings back.

It’s sarcasm at its best. That’s what you call CREATIVITY. Right!!

Upaali Dhawan
Upaali Dhawan
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