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Science Approved: 15 Health Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes!


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Sweet potatoes are nutritious and delicious root vegetables. The sweet potato is creamy and soft enough to be an ingredient in several pie recipes, and most people think of the vegetable as merely a dessert ingredient. However, scientists have found that this vegetable is among the best sources of Vitamin A. Sweet potatoes are also naturally packed with vitamin B5, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and carotenoids due to their naturally orange colour.

The sweet potato, also known as the Ipomoea batatas, not only contains many nutrients, but it is also packed with medicinal benefits. Scientists have determined that sweet potatoes contain anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and anticancer properties. Most of these are orange in colour, but there are others that come in purple, yellow, white, pink, and red.

Read on for all the health benefits that you can get by including sweet potato in your regular diet.

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